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Useful information about book covers
Paperback covers are printed on one sided 240gsm silk and can be gloss or matt laminated. We would recommend that all paperbacks are gloss laminated as silk lamination marks quite easily.
very cover is individually important and should be designed accordingly. At we do not use stock templates for cover designs.
After discussion with you, the author, we will design an eye-catching cover which will hopefully help your book stand out from the crowd.
If at a later date you have other titles and you want them to all look as if they come from the same “stables” then this can be incorporated into the design, creating a set of individually designed covers that have a common style.
Having spent a great deal of time on writing your book, you want a cover that reflects the content of your book and at the same time helps the book sell by drawing potential readers in and making them want to open the pages of your book.
What will a cover design cost?
This depends on what level of design input is required for the cover of your book. Here is a simplified guide:
A simple photograph with text.
A simple graphic with text.
Something with a bit more design work.
A collage of images to create an impression of the story subtly merged. The example here has twelve photographs in the final design.
If you are planning on designing your own cover and are looking for inspiration, there are lots of examples available on the internet. Here is some sites from which you might find ideas:
What thickness will the spine of my paperback book be?
Please note that library photographs are not included in the cover price unless specifically mentioned in the quotation. Our photo library of choice is iStock Photo who have a vast range of quality photos that are not expensive:
Our current charge for supplying photographs from the iStock Essentials Collection is £10.00 and from the iStock Signature Collection is £26.00 per photo. If you supply photographs for us to scan the charge is £10.00 each. If, however, you supply digital photographs there is no additional charge for photographs. Digital photographs require to be of a suitable resolution for printing. (A minimum of 266dpi, preferably 300dpi, at printing size, but don't worry about this, we can discuss technical details with you later.)
As previously stated every book is designed individually, but from a pricing perspective, the cover will fit into one of the three categories levels mentioned above.
The Pricing page has a form where you can contact us for a quotation.
  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspects of your book with us.
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  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspects of your book with us.
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Telephone us on 01505 322614
Special Offer on Books
produced by Self-Publish-Books
at Gilmour Print

We will give you 20% discount on artwork charges on the production of your book plus supply the ISBN barcode* free of charge for the back cover on all orders received before 31 MARCH 2017**.

 * We will make the barcode from the ISBN supplied by you as the publisher of the book.
** Conditional on first order, 50% payment with order, balance paid on final PDF proof approval.
Self Publish Books / Gilmour Print

This is an example of a cover with photograph which is a level 1 design – a squared-up photograph, supplied by author and text.
Self Publish Books / Gilmour Print

This is an example of a cover with illustration which is a level 1 design – illustration supplied by author.
Self Publish Books / Gilmour Print

This is an example of a cover with illustration which is a level 2 design – photographs supplied by author.
Self Publish Books / Gilmour Print

A level 3 design – a collage of photographs creates an impression of the story; some subtly merged into the main background image of the pyramids and desert. This example uses twelve photographs in the final design.
What Type of Binding? – Self Publish Books / Gilmour Print

The two main types of binding are paperback (also known as limp bound) and hardback (also known as case bound).

Paperback Books
Paperback books have a soft cover usually printed full colour on 260gsm to 300gsm board and laminated one side with either gloss or matt lamination. We would recommend gloss lamination as it is more durable – matt lamination marks very easily as the matt effect is achieved by a microscopic rough texture on the surface which is easily marked by handling.

Hardback Books
Hardback books can be finished in two ways.
Option one: an outer sheet is printed full colour (usually 130gsm silk) plus lamination (gloss or matt) and glued to the outside of the stiff board covers and spine, folded in at all edges of the book and end papers are glued across the inside of the covers and the first and last blank leaves of the book, covering all the folded in edges. This is known as a printed paper cover (PPC).
Option two: a non-woven cloth-like material (Wibalin) is glued over the outside of the stiff board with end papers on the inside. The outside of the book can be foil blocked if required. Normally a full colour printed (usually 130gsm silk) plus lamination (gloss or matt) dusk jacket is wrapped around the outside, tucking in about 70mm inside the cover. The dust jacket is optional.

The sections of pages in a hardback bound book traditionally are sewn together before being glued in. Modern adhesives are now so good that from an economically they tend to be only glued, particularly when printed digitally in small quantities.

For more information on this see the frequently asked questions page.
Contact Information from 1 November 2016 – Self Publish Books / Gilmour Print

Address: 12 Darluith Park, Brookfield, Renfrewshire PA5 8DD, Scotland, UK.

Telephone: 01505 322614.
You can contact us during normal business hours and also during the evening and weekends. If there is no one in the office calls divert to a mobile.


Uploading files: Files up to 5mB can be emailed to us.

Fax: If it is necessary to fax us, this can be done by arrangement. Please telephone first.

If you need to send larger files to us you can do this via – it’s free. If you click on the link the website explains what to do, using our email address above. If you have several small files that together come to more than 5mB it is probably more suitable to compress them together into one file using compression software and then send via If in doubt call or email us!

For further details on all of the above plus a contact form to email us from click here.
Privacy Statement – Self Publish Books / Gilmour Print

Any information you submit to us will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence. No details supplied by you will be passed on to any third party. Information supplied will only be used for the purposes of dealing with and responding to your communication.
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