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Information about submitting your manuscript for book production
Let us take the pain out of design for you!
Have your book professionally designed. Our prices are very reasonable. Contact us now, without obligation, for a quotation.
f Self-Publish-Books are to design your book, you should provide your text unformatted, that is without attempting to lay out the pages the way you expect that they will appear in the finished book.
This applies for example to typing headings all in capitals – it is much easier to capitalise a heading if the design warrants this than it is to do the reverse to a heading that has been supplied as all capitals.
The one exception to this rule is where you want an extra paragraph space. In this situation you should insert this extra blank line. This is often used where, for example, there is a movement of time or location but it is not a new chapter.
You can supply your manuscript by email attachment, via, on CD or DVD.
Copy / manuscript checklist Dos . . .
Do leave the text ragged on the right.
Do indent each new paragraph that you want to be indented with one tab space.
Do add an extra line return only where you want extra paragraph space.
Do apply bold and italic where required.
. . . and Don’ts
Don’t insert headers, footers, or page number into the main run of text.
Don’t use forced line breaks ie the Enter or Return key at ends of lines – other than at ends of paragraphs.
Don’t justify the text.
Don’t use tabs, except at the beginning of each new paragraph that you want to be indented or in tabbed tables.
Don’t use more than one space between words and sentences.
Don’t ‘design’ the pages. Anything other than basic formatting will be removed when we lay out the pages and then any design elements will be reinstated by us.
Don’t use hyphens to break words at the end of lines.
Don’t use ALL CAPITALS. It is easy for us to convert to all capitals but much more time consuming for us to make lowercase with capital first letters. More often than not we will use bold Capitals and Lowercase rather than ALL CAPITALS to emphasise in text.
Copyright and libel
It will be assumed that you own the copyright to the manuscript supplied and that, where applicable, you have obtained written permission to use material referenced from work other than your own, and have made suitable acknowledgement in the text. Similarly, it will be assumed that you have ensured that there is nothing libellous in your manuscript.
For more detailed information on copyright visit the UK Copyright Service:
If you are in any doubt about issues of libel in your book you should take legal advice or at the very least check out what information is available on one of the many writers’ forums on the internet.
  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspects of your book with us.
Click to visit MyLiveBook
  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspects of your book with us.
Promote your book once it is printed – for free.
Click to visit MyLiveBook
Telephone us on 01505 322614
Special Offer on Books
produced by Self-Publish-Books
at Gilmour Print

We will give you 20% discount on artwork charges on the production of your book plus supply the ISBN barcode* free of charge for the back cover on all orders received before 31 MARCH 2017**.

 * We will make the barcode from the ISBN supplied by you as the publisher of the book.
** Conditional on first order, 50% payment with order, balance paid on final PDF proof approval.
Contact Information from 1 November 2016 – Self Publish Books / Gilmour Print

Address: 12 Darluith Park, Brookfield, Renfrewshire PA5 8DD, Scotland, UK.

Telephone: 01505 322614.
You can contact us during normal business hours and also during the evening and weekends. If there is no one in the office calls divert to a mobile.


Uploading files: Files up to 5mB can be emailed to us.

Fax: If it is necessary to fax us, this can be done by arrangement. Please telephone first.

If you need to send larger files to us you can do this via – it’s free. If you click on the link the website explains what to do, using our email address above. If you have several small files that together come to more than 5mB it is probably more suitable to compress them together into one file using compression software and then send via If in doubt call or email us!

For further details on all of the above plus a contact form to email us from click here.
Privacy Statement – Self Publish Books / Gilmour Print

Any information you submit to us will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence. No details supplied by you will be passed on to any third party. Information supplied will only be used for the purposes of dealing with and responding to your communication.
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